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5 Snacks from Southeast Asia You Have to Try (Seafood Edition)

There are many reasons why travelers like to visit Southeast Asia. Whether it be the unique culture or the beautiful beaches, no traveler leaves without being impressed of the variety of ingredients and distinct flavors that the region has to offer in the diverse culinary traditions.

Southeast Asia is a collective of countries surrounding the Malay Peninsula with extensive coastal areas which transpired a culture of seafood derived food and snacks. The plentiful and diverse ecology of the surrounding sea as well as the resourcefulness of the people brings forth dishes and snacks with distinct seafood flavors that the rest of the world come to enjoy today. 

Here are 5 seafood inspired snacks from Southeast Asia you have to try. 

1. Okusno Shrimp Chins Pad Thai Flavor

Absolutely delicious and premium shrimp snack made from high quality Thai shrimp heads and packed with umami flavors from the tomalley. This version's seasoning is inspired by the iconic and national dish of Thailand, Pad Thai. The crunchy texture with light tempura coating is a compliment to the seasoning and the unique shrimp part used to prepared the snack. Because it is minimally processed, you can taste the natural flavor of the shrimp heads and also enjoy the nutritional benefits boasted of shrimps in general like high in calcium. Shop here → 

2. Lay's 2 in 1 Grilled Shrimp & Seafood Sauce Flavor Potato Chips

One of the most well-loved Thai street food, grilled Thai River Prawns with spicy-tangy dipping sauce is an iconic staple for a Thai seafood feast. Now packaged 2 in 1, both distinct flavors can be enjoyed together with maximum pleasure. Try eating the chips while playing some beachy wave sound and you'll be brought to the hot sultry night at the beach in Thailand. Shop here  

3. Bento Squid Seafood Snack Namprik Thai Original Flavor

The most interesting strips of jerky, a must try for the adventurous folks! The sticky and thin squid sheet is enhanced by the "Namprik" or Thai Chili Paste flavor making this a savory experience on its own category. The chewiness is almost like a thin sheet of meat jerky and the maze like pattern gives this a modern and fun twist. Pull it apart for a small bite or roll it up like sushi for a large bite, this is a fun snack to enjoy. Shop here → 

4. Calbee Baked Shrimp Chips Yuzu & Black Pepper Flavor

Everyone's favorite shrimp chips now comes in baked, not fried! The puffed chip is seasoned with yuzu citrus and black pepper combo. The airy crunch is light and allows a good ratio of seasoning to wheat puffs. The yuzu distinct citrus note is enjoyable as a compliment to the savory profile of the shrimp and a peppery seasoning dusted on the chips contrasts the mild tartness. Shop here  

5. Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed Original Flavor

Don't you know seaweeds are good for you?! The "OG" crispy seaweed snack with light seasoning is perfect for any snacking occasion. Great as a guilt-free snack or to accompany your homemade onigiri rice balls. Shop here  

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