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About Us


Pandan Market has its roots in Chicago, IL and started as a dream startup of a corporate warrior who had always a love of food and passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase need in accessibility for Asian groceries as mobility were limited for many due to city and state restrictions. We aim to meet your needs and give you the convenience by bringing curated authentic products to your door whether it be via cross-country shipping or local deliveries.

We mainly source Southeast Asian products representing countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia just to name a few. But we're also open to being inclusive and welcome all products from other parts of the world. Southeast Asian inspired products made in the states or in the OG countries, check. East Asian products, you bet. South Asian products, if it tastes good, then we'll bring it to you. :) Recently we've been expanding our selection into tableware and home decor. Follow us as we transform our shop into your next Southeast Asian life style provider!

For any questions about our products or vendors who are interested in featuring your products in our store, please feel free to reach out at info@pandanmarket.com .