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Teh Tarik - A Malaysian Tradition

Feeling Wanderlust? ✈️🌍 That's ok, we're feeling that too.

Even if you can't travel this year, why not explore foodie finds that will keep you motivated until your long awaited trips?!

Today's feature is Teh Tarik or "Pulled Tea" from Malaysia.


The rich and delicious milk tea is recognized as a Malaysian food and beverage heritage with its showmanship of dragging the tea in mid-air back and forth to create a frothy texture. A feat that only the truly dexterous can achieve, there are competitions and performances to showcase the amusing skills of "pulling" the teh.

At Pandan Market, we bring you the Chek Hup Instant Teh Tarik which allows you to enjoy the flavors of the orient to your door and tickle the nostalgia for those who couldn't travel to Malaysia this year. You can try doing the acrobatic "pulling" the tea moves or you can take a shortcut and froth additional milk to top off your instant teh.

If you like Hong Kong Milk Tea or Thai Tea, Teh Tarik has a similar taste that is approachable. Give it try either hot or cold! ☕🍵

Terima kasih!

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